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The main missions of Charitable Foundation “Living Ukraine” are targeted assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, temporarily displaced persons, children and families affected by the war, and animals. We cooperate with foundations, public and commercial organizations, citizens who want to help Ukraine and its people. Our principled position is the most open relations with the founders and those who need help. All activities of the fund will be reflected in our resources in the form of reports. Anyone who wants to ask for help or provide assistance can contact us in any convenient way, which is listed on the site.

Despite the fact that our army is well-equipped and receives constant help from partners of our country and the world, many Ukrainian soldiers on the ground need targeted assistance and the supply of medicines, tactical and protective equipment.

During the war, millions of Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in various cities of our country. They need quality food and clothing, pharmacological and medical supplies on a daily basis.

Despite the paramount value of human life, we believe that animals which are incapable of self-defense and socialization, also require help. We are ready to cooperate with animal protection funds, zoos and shelters, as well as with caring people.

Together we will save and rebuild our wonderful country!

Contact us in any way convenient for you and tell us what kind of help and to whom you can provide. Currently, we accept humanitarian cargo in Poland and the western regions of Ukraine, distributing them to other regions of the country, where necessary. We also accept financial assistance through our foreign currency accounts and buy what we need from Ukrainian companies, which allows us to support the country’s economy during the war. We operate in the following areas:



Recent events in our country have completely changed the perception of the world for many Ukrainians. It became simply impossible to perceive reality as it was before the war. A sunny morning without air defense sirens and news of destruction and death in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Sumy or Chernihiv creates the illusion that this may just be a bad dream that will end soon. But it’s not. This is a real war of the 21st century in the heart of Europe. This understanding does not allow us to engage in work and ordinary activities, even in the safe corners of our country.

We are representatives of peaceful professions: entrepreneurs, IT workers, builders and doctors, teachers and scientists who have united and created the «Living Ukraine» Charitable Foundation, united in an initiative community to help all those who need help. This is the only activity that gives motivation and hope for tomorrow. We call on all concerned to join our work and contribute to the future of our country and world peace. Only together we can get rid of such dramatic and horrific moments in human history.

Charitable Foundation “Living Ukraine” | Громадська Організація “Благодійний Фонд “Жива Україна”



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